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Rob Elkington

Business & Entrepreneurship

About Rob Elkington

Rob Elkington, Ph.D., currently resides in Canada, serving as Assistant Professor at Trent University Faculty of Business. Due to his experience and education, Rob also serves as Adjunct Faculty at Ontario Tech University Faculty of Education and Faculty of Social Sciences. Alongside this role, he is the Senior Lecturer at Stellenbosch University School of Public Leadership.

When Rob Elkington, Ph.D., isn’t busy acting as Assistant Professor or giving lectures, he spends his time working as the CEO of Global Leadership Initiatives, Inc. His organization, Global Leadership Initiatives, was initially developed to help leaders become their best version possible. As the name may suggest, the organization helps leaders and aspiring leaders across the globe as they strive to increase their skills and reach. Global Leadership Initiatives uses certified programs and technology to “develop excellence in leadership globally.”

One of the many things Global Leadership Initiatives focuses on is sustainability leadership. For this reason, every course available through the organization is designed to create lasting change, enabling leaders to make informed and mindful decisions involving their employees, the environment, and any other concerns they may have. This outlook stems from Rob Elkington, who believes that leadership is at its best when it considers society. 

Looking through Rob Elkington’s research projects, one would spot this theme rising to the surface regularly. These projects include “Seeking Best Methods for Leadership Development,” “Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership in Disadvantaged Contexts,” “Seeking Best Methods for Police Leadership Development,” “Emerging Issues in Higher Educational Leadership,” “The Use of Meta in Military Leadership Development,” and “Developing Paramedic Leadership.”

Due to his experience and connection to Global Leadership Initiatives, Rob Elkington has been the lead editor for several books, peer-reviewed journal articles, and presentations. Most recently, he was the lead editor for the Journal of Leadership Studies Symposium series: “African Leadership: Powerful Paradigms for the 21st Century.”

Over the years, Rob Elkington has gained much experience in the international sector, thanks partially to the efforts of Global Leadership Initiatives. However, Rob prefers to take his work further, adding a personal touch whenever possible. He has extensive experience working on food security projects, HIV Aids reduction through education, and poverty reduction. He has also learned so much about securing partnerships and research around education for disadvantaged and marginalized communities. 

This experience has given Rob Elkington the knowledge necessary to help more people. Rob has spent time as a Canadian representative of the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal’s development foundation. This is what opened the door for all these opportunities and experiences. The foundation has helped create partnerships with Canadian Universities, CIDA, and various philanthropic foundations.

Even when working to help those abroad, Rob Elkington never forgets about those close to home. Rob enjoys the time he spends working with various organizations. These organizations include the Cornerstone Women’s and Children’s Shelter, Durham Community Innovation Lab, Durham Youth Services, the Durham Youth in Policing Initiative, Durham Victim Services, and aiding disadvantaged schools in the Durham Region.

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